Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Luella Bartley and English Style

Here are some excerpts of an interview with Luella Bartley and what she has to say about her fashion brand she used to have.  She was one of my favorites before she lost her brand to the recession, but she still has some cool thoughts about style. 

In the book you talk about Miss England as both a style icon and muse. Who is she?
She loves clothes but has problems with herself. She is an individual but she's also modest. I suppose it comes from me being like that.

Your label has always tended to be championed by young hipsters such as Alexa Chung. Why do you think that is?
English women are more concerned with looking cool and interesting than sexy or alluring. Alexa dresses in a very stylish way that is not about being sexy. I like to think she dresses for herself. That's quite English. Men don't come into it in a way.

You make it sound like we are a nation of feminists.
I suppose we are. English women are feminists without thinking about it. We spend more time trying to make statements than looking nice. But no, not all English girls are like that. There are still the Cheryl Coles.

Sadly, Luella lost her brand to the recession but, here are some of my favorite looks from some of her past collections.

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